Planning a Buffet

When planning a buffet, it is essential to be mindful of sanitation and food safety. For example, ice used to cool foods should be made from safe drinking water. In addition, food should never be placed directly on ice, as it can cause contamination. If possible, keep serving platters covered with covers or shields. Also, be sure to clean all transporting vehicles before loading food. Here are some general guidelines to follow when planning a buffet:

Buffet service is offered in two forms: assisted and unassisted. If assisted service is provided, servers will be available to provide assistance. Typically, a three-course meal is served using buffet service. This way, an appetizer is placed on the dining tables before the main course is served. Dessert will follow the main course. The wait staff will take plates and refill drinks as needed. A typical tip for a buffet should be around $3 to $5.

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Depending on the type of food served, the food must be presented in a pleasing manner. Buffet display equipment needs to be attractive and functional. Among them are chafing dishes, display trays, and baskets. Buffet utensils allow customers to fill their plates. Tablecloths, coasters, and condiment dispensers also make great additions to the overall appearance of the buffet. The following tips will help you make your buffet a success!

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