What is a ball handicap and where is the best place to bet?

To participate in soccer betting to achieve the highest results, the first condition is that players must fully understand all types of bets. Only then can you bet easily and get the highest profits. What is a ball handicap? This is a question of many people new to online soccer betting, let  Home page new88 help you find the answer.

What is a ball handicap?

The same ball bet is also known as 0 bet or draw bet, this is a popular type of bet in Asian football. Players participate in this bet when they see the similarities of both teams and there is no difference in squad, performance or class. Therefore, when deciding to handicap the ball, you need to have full knowledge of the team as well as betting experience. Only then can the process of participating in football betting achieve the best results.

In a handicap bet on the ball, there will be a handicap bet on the ball, usually this case only happens in big tournaments like Euro or World Cup of two famous teams. Besides, there is also a half-ball handicap, the betting format is similar. Another point is that if you bet on the half-left bet, you will not receive a refund from the house. So mainly experienced bettors will participate in this form.

For those who are passionate about soccer betting, they are probably familiar with the name ball handicap. Currently, most bookmakers offer this bet to players to diversify their bets. The rewards for winning bets are also extremely attractive, so many people see this as a way to earn more stable income for themselves.

Cases that occur in ball handicaps

After learning about what a ball handicap is, we invite you to come to information about the cases that occur in this type of bet. There is a characteristic of the ball handicap that is that it only appears in tournaments with two teams that are equal in all aspects. When placing a bet, you need to include odds such as shake bet, half-ball handicap and half-ball handicap.

Many betting experts believe that when it comes to ball handicaps, a number of situations will occur:

  • In case the upper bet wins, whoever chooses the upper bet to win will have enough money.
  • In case both teams win money if the score is a tie.
  • The person who chooses the underdog to win will have enough money if the underdog team wins.

If you want to participate in handicap betting, the above situations will occur. Before making a decision to place money, carefully research information related to the match. This will help predict events more accurately. The bookmakers have set the handicap according to regulations. If you don’t pay attention to the odds, it will be easy to handicap the difference. This is very disadvantageous in terms of results as well as capital deficit.

How to bet on ball handicap?

To better understand what a handicap bet is, in this section let’s learn about how to place handicap bets properly and achieve high results. Below is how to play soccer odds for new players participating in online soccer betting.

Place bets on the home team

True to the nature of the ball handicap, that is, both teams are equal in terms of squad and skills. Therefore, the home team is always the team with the advantage because of familiarity with the field, strong mentality as well as enthusiastic fans. You need to note that when the ball appears, one thing is certain: the home team will score first. At this time, an away team with a handicap of 1/4 appears, so immediately bet on the home team at the corresponding handicap of 1/4.

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Set a handicap for the ball after 15 minutes of play

The mistake many new bettors make is making a handicap bet on the ball too early. For this type of bet, you should wait for the match to take place for about 15 minutes to consider the situation before making an appropriate bet. Once you have complete information, understand the strengths of the two teams, and combine it with the situation on the field, then you can make a standard bet. Only then can you achieve high results if you want to participate in betting in this form of handicap.

Statistics on football team handicaps

The cases of ball handicaps have been given above, you should make statistics about those cases in the competition history of the two teams preparing to compete. This will help calculate the probability properly and have a higher winning rate. From there, you can know which team to lean towards and place handicap bets according to the handicap ratio of half the ball, half the ball or bet on the shaking odds.

Where to participate in betting on ball handicaps with high efficiency?

The solution to the ball handicap has been given, so where should you participate in the betting and place this bet to get the best results? It is definitely a reputable online soccer betting site, only then can it help you easily compare bets and make reasonable choices. Everything will be resolved if you come to  New88, this will be an ideal place to participate in ball handicap betting for the following reasons.

Easy betting and provided with lots of information

 New88 is a website specializing in soccer betting, bringing the ultimate betting experience to players. Here the betting table provides all ball handicap bets for members to research and have accurate analysis. Not only that, a lot of information is provided about both teams in terms of competition history, lineup, strengths and weaknesses. That way you don’t need to search for outside sources of information, which is both time-consuming and easily confusing.

Participate in safe and absolutely confidential betting

Surely you also know that betting for money in real life is still quite difficult because of the management of the law. Therefore, choosing to place football handicaps in general and football handicaps in particular at  New88 is the smartest choice. Because the house has been licensed to operate, the server system is overseas, and information is absolutely encrypted. Therefore, it will ensure absolute safety for players, all transactions are kept in the best confidentiality and no information is revealed.

 New88 pays rewards quickly and withdraws money easily

In order to create a long-term and reputable soccer betting playground,  New88 always focuses on paying rewards to bet winners. Once you have finalized the handicap for the next ball, after the results are announced, the bonus will be paid according to regulations to the member’s account. Now you can withdraw money comfortably, the transaction takes place in just a few minutes with a few basic steps. That is also the reason why bettors are always passionate about betting and betting here.

This article has helped you find the answer to the question of what is a ball handicap and where should you participate in betting? This is an extremely good type of soccer handicap, so come immediately to bookmaker  New88 to have the best betting experience.

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