What are the Regenerative Medicine Choices Available to Treat Spine Pain?

For a while, people who suffered from spinal injury and pain had restricted treatment choices, and neither of them was optional. Chances are that they could reside with pain and attempt to manage it. They had the option of consuming powerful pain medication with an addiction risk. People also had the option of opting in for steroid injections that have the chance to suppress the immune system and lead to tissue weakening. That aside, they might also have the scope to opt-in for surgery, leading to permanent alterations that could or could not eliminate the pain.

Recently, through regenerative medicine, there has been a better and healthier option that can naturally improve the body’s capacity for healing. The regenerative treatments have come up with a great promise for treating several kinds of chronic conditions and injuries that comprises of degenerative spinal conditions. To know more about this, you can check out QC Kinetix (Scottsdale).

The two therapies that are useful in treating spinal pain include:

1.The stem cell therapy

Simply put, stem cells are defined as the non-specific cells present in our body and can differentiate and become the particular cell types for replacing the damaged tissues. One of the most prominent mixes of the body’s stem cells is available in the abdomen’s adipose tissue. When it comes to stem cell therapy, it is possible to extract a few of these cells from the abdominal tissue, process and re-inject it inside the patient at the degeneration site and injury. Also, stem cells can start to replace the damaged and dead cells for accelerating healing.

That aside, stem cell therapy is efficient in treating a mix of both chronic and acute injuries, comprising the ones linked with aging. Some of the examples include cartilage damage, ligament injuries, arthritis, and chronic tendonitis, where people have witnessed ample benefits.

2.The platelet-rich plasma injection therapy

The other effective approach for regenerative medicine is PRP therapy that gets used for speeding up the entire healing process of the injured tissues. Also, the platelets that are available in your blood are cells that can promote clotting, which is an essential step in the regenerative healing process of the body. Simply extracting the blood from a patient and adding it to the centrifuge, there is a way to separate the blood cells leaving the plasma using a high mix of the platelet cells.

The PRP therapy gets used for healing chronic wounds and even osteoarthritis. That aside, the PRP therapy efficiently brings down the pain and promotes the healing of facet joint pain, spine, degenerative conditions, and sacroiliac joint pain.

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Finally, an essential consideration of regenerative medicine is that it doesn’t cure everything. Neither can you look at it as an instant fix. Instead, it helps jumpstart the entire body and its regenerative process so that the regeneration process can take over some time. The treatment doesn’t guarantee instant relief from pain. Instead, there is permanent recovery without the requirement for any surgery or strong medications.

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