The History of Boxing

When it comes to the history of boxing, you might have been surprised to learn that it was a spectator sport in ancient Rome. As a spectator sport, boxing was popular in ancient Rome, but when studded metal gloves were used to protect the fighter, it became a deadly sport. Competitive boxing then disappeared for several centuries before re-emerging in the seventeenth century. Bare knuckle fighting became popular in England, where wealthy aristocrats would wager on their favorite fighters. Once boxing became a legitimate sport, rules were instituted and prize fights were made public.know more here MoviesFlix Verse

In boxing, fighters are scored by how many punches they have landed on their opponent. Each punch must hit one of the opponent’s body parts or a portion of his head. Fouls are also recorded and affect the score. Intentional fouls can lead to disqualification. The fight can still end before the judges to reach a decision, such as when a boxer scores an accidental low-blow. The knockout is considered inside the distance.see more here Picuki

Professional boxing matches typically last ten to twelve rounds. Club and younger fighters often only fight in four rounds, but there are some professional bouts that last two or three rounds. In the early twentieth century, fights often ended with a quit, but this benefited high-energy fighters such as Jack Dempsy.Please visit here for information about 2000s Kids Shows. In addition, Kim Duk-koo’s death cut down the number of championship fights. As a result, many fights were reduced to two or three rounds.All Movies HD Download free from here Filmy4web

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