How to fix Error Code in MS Outlook [pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71]

Error pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71? Don’t worry. Here are some ways that will likely solve your problem.

Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of communication in our life. We use it to send or receive emails from the sources we are connected with. Sometimes things go well, and sometimes troubles arise. Outlook also has too many issues or bugs, and when we face some issues, we try our best to solve them as there is a solution for all issues too. [Pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71] The error is also one of those errors, and we will look at this to resolve it.

If you see the pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71 error code, it means that Outlook is not functioning properly. So what are the things to be done to make Outlook function properly? Here are some simple instructions:

Methods to Fix the Error Code [pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71]

Method 1: Clear Cache

  • Clearing the cache and cookies will erase your old character strings, and all data will be up to date. This can remove damaged or jammed data packets.
  • Close and reopen Microsoft Outlook.
  • Close various accounts or windows if you are using them.
  • Check if Microsoft 365 needs an update.

If an update is required, upgrade all messages and restart your computer or pc. Now open Outlook and check if the pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71 error has been resolved. If it persists, try method 2.

Method 2: Correct the Outlook Version

  • The [pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71] error may be due to Outlook’s installation process conflicting with other email accounts or other software installed on your PC.
  • Hence, you may need to remove a bad version of Outlook from your PC and install the latest Outlook version from the Microsoft Outlook official website.

Method 3: Use the Web App

  • Go directly to Options in the top corner and pick your version of Outlook Web App in the navigation pane.
  • Clear the Use Outlook Web App easy editing check box.
  • Save option.
  • Log into the Light Edition, then close and sign in to your account with a registered account.

Method 4: Update Outlook

  • Please make sure that your PC or computer meets the system requirements for the newest version of Office.
  • In many cases, when you run Microsoft Office Setup on a pc that has an older version of Office installed, the older version is removed.
  • Though, there are cases when it is necessary to uninstall, e.g., B. Errors or problems during installation.
  • If you uninstall Office before installing the new version, your Office files will not be removed. However, if your MS Office version includes Outlook, you may want to back up your MS Outlook data files.
  • See Finding and Transferring MS Outlook Data Files from One Computer to Another.

Contact Microsoft support for further instructions.

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Final Words

The above article should take you through the [pii_email_305c3f83f3d40c46cf71] error. We experienced our possible ways of solving this problem in Outlook. Hope some of the ways have worked for you. If you still have not solved the problem, please comment below, and we will try to find a possible solution for you. If still, the problem occurs, you can get help directly from the Microsoft support team.

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