Why Does The Holle Formula Not Contain Soy?

For new parents, there are a lot of decisions to make. What kind of stroller should you buy? What is the best crib? And, when it comes to baby formula, what kind should you choose? Like most parents, you want to choose the best formula for your baby. And, if you’re looking for a formula without soy, the Holle baby formula is a great choice. But why does the Holle baby formula not contain soy? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

What Is Soy And Why Is It In Baby Formula?

Soy is a type of legume that has become extremely popular recently. It is often consumed as a protein-rich source of plant-based nutrients, and it can be found in everything from energy bars and vegetarian burgers to pasta sauces and yogurt. But perhaps its most common use is in baby formula. Soy contains nutrients that are important for the development of young babies, including B vitamins, iron, zinc, and protein.  Visit here for more descriptions of Buzzfeed Food Quiz

Soy is a plant-based protein that is frequently added to baby formulas. Soy is added to formulas because it is thought to be a more complete protein than other plant-based proteins, such as wheat or rice. Additionally, soy is believed to be easier for babies to digest than other proteins. However, some potential risks are associated with feeding babies soy formula. 

Are There Any Adverse Impacts Of Soy In Baby Formula?

Some concerns are that soy-based formulas may put babies at risk for developmental problems and allergies. Additionally, soy has been linked to goiters and thyroid problems in infants and adults. While more research needs to be done to confirm these potential risks, many parents prefer to err on the side of caution and choose a formula without soy. 

Why Should You Look For A Baby Formula Without Soy?

If you’re looking for a baby formula without soy, there are several reasons why you might want to choose one without this ingredient. First, as we mentioned earlier, there are some concerns about the potential adverse impacts of soy on babies’ health. Additionally, many parents simply prefer to feed their babies formulas without soy because they want to avoid any potential risks, however small they may be. 

Why Does The Holle Baby Formula Not Contain Soy? 

The Holle baby formula does not contain soy because we want to provide parents with a safe and healthy option for their babies. We believe that families should be able to choose what’s best for their children, and we think that our formulas provide families with a great option if they’re looking for a formula without soy. 


Choosing the right baby formula can be daunting for new parents. However, it’s important to remember that you know your child best and that you should select the formula that you feel is best for them. The Holle Baby Formula is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a safe and healthy option for your baby.

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