The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry comprises industries that produce, repair, or support motor vehicles. While not defined in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), the Bureau of Labor Statistics refers to a group of detailed industries as “automotive industry.” The list below includes all establishments that directly impact motor vehicle production, sales, or manufacturing. Historical data are available for establishments that are based in the United States but does not differentiate between foreign-owned and domestic firms.More Info About Movie4me

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The NHTSA’s extensive regulatory agenda and aggressive enforcement program will continue to present challenges for the automotive industry into the twenty-first century. In anticipation of the proposed changes, manufacturers must ensure that their internal safety evaluation procedures are current, and that key personnel are properly trained. Manufacturers should monitor regulatory developments and engage with industry associations to ensure compliance with new requirements. This information can help ensure the safety of the industry and its customers. And in the meantime, manufacturers should continue to focus on their business by engaging with regulators and participating in rulemaking processes.see more here Magic Mountain

The automotive industry is experiencing several pain points from other locations that are not suitable for their production processes. While many other manufacturing locations are experiencing labor shortages and other challenges, the nearshoring benefits of Mexico are well worth the investment. Products originating in Mexico also enjoy preferred tariff access to some of the world’s largest markets. They also benefit from trade facilitation programs and labor costs. These advantages are helping many automotive manufacturers reduce the cost and risk associated with manufacturing in other countries. More Info About Exipure

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