The Latest Verde Wheels Have Shaken up The Markets! More Details Here

Yup, Verde Wheels have become one of the biggest names in the niche of luxury aftermarket rims across the United States and increasingly becoming a lot more popular in the highly profitable markets in Europe and Asia.

Currently owned by Trade Union International, Verde was born in 1999 and was initially known for its prowess as a rep specialist. That’s short for ‘replica’ rims and are meant to replace OEM wheels. For example, if your Mercedes CLA 250’s original wheels develop cracks or sustain other damages, you would have 2 options. Click here for more about Classically Abb

The first would be to go for replicas. They look exactly the same and even behave just the way the OEMs did. The second option is to go for aftermarket rims that might not look identical but will add style, grace, and technological advancements.

What started with reps soon became a broader range of rims as Verde Wheels expanded and launched several different models. At the moment, it is one of the largest companies in this sphere.

Verde rims are available in several different sizes, starting off at 15-inches and climbing the ladder to 24-inch models. 2021 saw the arrival of several staggered models as well. Market watchers and professionals are expecting more models to arrive very soon.

Are Verde Wheels any good?

Oh yes, Verde is renowned for its models. They compete against the likes of Enkei, Fuel, American Racing, and MKW rims. Verde is also known for producing custom sets, meaning you can ask the company to create a set of rims specially for your vehicle. Such bespoke wheels are true one-offs and do not have duplicates.

In the custom rim niche, Verde faces off against the likes of Savini and Lexani rims. These are enormous biggies; still, Verde gives them a run for their money.

If you are still wondering about whether you should purchase a set of brand-new Verde Wheels to start off 2023 on a great note, stop already! Here are 3 reasons why you can opt for Verde’s models without too much ado.

  1. Technologically advanced: Verde has always been very tech savvy; its R&D is splendid. Right from 1999, it had ensured that the reps they manufactured were on a par with older and more established companies. The same commitment to standards and quality control remained in place when forged and cast aluminum alloy rims were introduced later.

Verde was one of the first brands to use the now-standard 6061-T6 alloy.

  1. Very competitively priced: Unlike Savini or Lexani, Verde has managed to retain its fanbase by masterfully reading consumer mindsets and keeping the price tags in control without compromising one bit on the quality aspect.

This sweet spot where the pricing shines through is one major aspect why Verde Wheels are so popular across demographics and markets worldwide.

  1. Extra brownie points for style: Verde always was slightly ahead of many other companies in this section. Since it started off with replicas, the management and technicians understood pretty well the type of rims clients wanted. This slight edge was sufficient; later, Verde’s models bore distinctive looks which were greatly different from OEMs.

Bolder, sturdier, more durable, more colorful, and a lot more resistant to damage. These are all aspects Verde later integrated with their aftermarket offerings.

Regardless of your ride, a well-chosen set of these rims can add that spark of grandiosity and impeccable style that will turn heads everywhere you go!

The best Verde rims you can choose from

Some of America’s finest retail outlets (like AudioCity USA of California, to name just one) stock hundreds of models. The best ones are these:

  • VFF-01: The VFF-01 is the flagship model of Verde’s VFF range. These are flow-formed and are thus more malleable. That essentially means a lot more options when it comes to wheel widths. Available in gloss black and a matte silver, the VFF-01 is lighter than most other rims in its category. While they are normally used for driving on city and suburban roads, their concavity and the undercut lip also ensures superb performance off-road.

Come 2023, the VFF-01 is likely to have a few more additions with more colors. You can also expect staggered flow-formed Verde rims very soon.

  • V39 Parallax: Of all the rims that Verde retails, the Parallax is probably the best-known. It’s a Verde ‘V’ family member and is a 1-piece wonder of engineering. The V39 Parallax is reserved for exclusive and racecar-inspired passenger cars like the 2013 Cadillac ATS, low-slung Hondas and Acuras, and even the latest Audi coupes.

It takes an old-school 5-spoke design and adds a ton of modern touches to it to ensure that the design basics remain timeless. All Parallax models sell in impressive numbers even though the color & finish options are limited.

The V39 Parallax range will soon receive a couple of staggered models in a few months.

  • V22 Duo: This member of the VT family of Verde Wheels usually forms the templates for customized rims. The V22 Duo is a lightweight and superbly machined rim that can be custom drilled to accommodate either 5 or 6 lugs; hence, it’s called the Duo!

If you are looking for wheels for your beloved pickup truck, the V22 Duo should do very well. They have been spotted adorning everything from rickety RAM 1500s to spanking new GMC Yukon XLs and Silverados.

Plus, this is one of those rims from Verde which have outstanding load ratings and 4 different sizes.

Summing up

There has been a deluge of fake Verde Wheels of late. You must be doubly sure of their authenticity before you pay for these rims.

Happy motoring!

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