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Reasons Why Being Faithful to God Is Valuable

One day you may not feel like it or have to rush out of the house, but we shouldn’t quit. Spending consistent time with God is worth the discipline, intentionality, and effort, so let’s do better. Some benefits are:

We Become Closer To God 

Every day we read the Bible, talk to God, and let Him talk to us, we learn about God’s heart and priorities. Knowing His likes and dislikes helps us relate to Him. The Bible reveals God’s love, compassion, wisdom, power, and might from Genesis to Revelation. 

When we study His word daily, we see Him throughout generations and how we spoke up for his people, rebuked those who did wrong, and sacrificed for mankind.

Allows Us To Win The War In Our Minds

The fight in our brains continues. Daily battles of good and wrong, faith over fear, purity over immorality, despondency over hope. It relies on what we are exposed to or have more access to choose the choice that fulfills God’s desire. 

Regularly seeking gospel knowledge gives us more ammo to battle the enemy’s negativity and lies to push us off the brink. 

 Makes Us More Productive

Daily remembering God, spending time with Him, and reading His word cultivate intentionality. Intentionality in God’s presence leads to intentionality in other areas of life. 

Since we can only complete planned tasks when we are intentional, productivity depends on it. Even if we plan the most productive day, it can only be productive if we do everything in order. Without intention, it’s just a paper list. Why not be more consistent with God to be more productive? 

We Can Trust Him Easily

Is it possible for you to put your faith in or surrender to an unknown person? Not at all. Building trust becomes more effortless as relationships deepen. That is why growing in our relationship with God is possible through regular prayer and meditation. 

To get a deeper understanding of His mighty hand, boundless compassion, and love that sustains us in this life. Trusting Him gets simpler as our knowledge of Him grows daily.  Finding peace and trust in God’s promises amidst trials is what it means to rest in God. 

This can only happen when we make time to spend with God every day.  Instead of relying on our understanding, we should put our trust in the Lord wholeheartedly. 

We should acknowledge Him in whatever we do, and He will guide us. Because we grow to lean and depend entirely on God as a result of our confidence in Him, He guides our steps as we recognize Him in all things. 


Nothing in this world is ever easy or easy, but God welcomes us with open arms whenever we need Him. With Him held in His arms, we find safety, love, and adoration. God has not left us to face this challenge alone; rather, He has sent His Holy Spirit to guide us in whatever we do. To reap these rewards, let us all work to improve.

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