Exploring the Top 5 Effective Bird Control Methods

Birds play a major role in maintaining our ecosystem, and there are no two ways about it, but in some cases, pest bird invasions can get a bit too out of hand. In urban sprawls, birds like pigeons and doves can cause quite a mess while in an agricultural setup, they can cause irreversible damage to the crops that are being cultivated, thereby resulting in massive losses. Stuff like the bird control net and shock tracks are being deployed to deter these rabble-rousers from destroying crops or spreading tons of diseases.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the top 5 methods that can be employed to keep this pestilence at bay, while ensuring that they don’t get harmed in the process as well. Modern implements like a pigeon net have taken over from antiquated means like guns and scarecrows, so those are the ones we will be placing our focus on. So, let’s get started.

Bird protection net.

Used primarily in urban settings in areas that are frequented by birds like pigeons, sparrows, crows, etc., they are attached to the external facades of the buildings with maximum coverage and lack of potential sneak-in points being the motive. Once installed, birds aren’t able to access their favourite nesting locations like ledges or abandoned apartment flats. 

Installing a bird protection net is quite simple and cost-effective as well, with a bunch of the costs being incurred at the time of purchasing and installation itself. Since such anti bird net isn’t designed to trap the birds, we can be assured about their safety as well

Bird spikes

We have all come across pigeons nestling and landing on infrastructure, both residential and commercial, and while they do create a nuisance wherever they go, the primary threat that they pose to humans is through the diseases that they help spread. Globally, it has been recorded that pigeons spread more than 60 different diseases and ailments.

These spikes are placed on ledges and parapets, some of the most common locations that are accessed by pigeons. The primary goal of these spikes is to thwart the landing of these birds, while not hurting them in the process as well. Once they are used to these spikes, they won’t attempt a second approach to them. Conventionally, bird spikes are constructed out of plastic and metal. While they don’t deliver coverage as wide as something like a bird protection net, their targeted approach makes them quite effective as well.

Shock tracks.

While they sound vicious, the manner in which they work isn’t just humane but highly effective as well. Just like bird spikes, they are installed on ledges and roof rails, areas that are heavily frequented by pigeons. How they work involves sending a mild electric shock through them. The degree of electricity being delivered is small enough as to not hurt the birds, but season them in effective avoidance. The only downside to these systems when compared to something like a pigeon net is that they are quite a bit more expensive to install and operate. 

Crop nets. 

The rural countryside isn’t immune to bird infestation either, and with the involved risks being higher in their case, relying on an anti bird net makes that much more sense. Birds like pigeons, doves, sparrows, and mynahs, are some of the main threats to crops like wheat, rice, etc. Moreover, other vegetables like tomatoes, gourds, etc. are damaged by birds as well. 

The manner in which crop nets work is quite similar to that of a bird control net, with the difference arising from the fact that they are laid on crops and fields and not buildings or terraces. They are economical to purchase and install, with long usable lives being a strong USP as well. 

Laser repellers.

While the pigeon net is the oldest innovation on this list, laser repellers are some of the most advanced. Although the name suggests that they would be some sort of light sabers for birds, in reality, their main task is to flash a strong beam of laser at the birds to confuse and distract them, thereby preventing them from landing on unwanted surfaces. Although relatively expensive to procure and install, they are some of the most effective options there are, and that is something that is helping them gain quite a bit of steam. 

The aforementioned methods are some of the most effective bird control methods that one can access in this day and age. Something like a bird control net aims to be not just effective but doesn’t harm the birds as well. Earlier, toxins, raptors, and guns were some of the most common tools, and in almost case, the result wasn’t deterrence but obliteration. Such methods aren’t really used anymore, and in their absence, the nets have proven to be quite an effective substitute.

Final take:

Modern bird control methods are extremely effective in keeping the flying pestilences at bay while not physically harming them in the process as well. If you are on the hunt for the best bird protection net in India, a quick search online should do the trick. 

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