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A Frightening View of the Dark Side of Social Media Addiction

According to the study, five to 10 percent of internet users are not in control of how long they spend on social media, and the internet is as addictive as drugs. It alters the brain in ways similar to those of alcohol, nicotine, and other psychoactive substances, including nicotine, and affects the areas of the brain that control attention span, emotions, and decision-making. Frequent use of social media makes people less multi-tasking and less able to filter out the white noise, which is distracting.More Info from Keerthy Suresh

As the use of social media continues to increase, so too do the negative consequences. Not only does the use of social media impact children’s health, but it can also lead them to commit crimes or leak personal information to strangers. These negative consequences can have a profound impact on business and relationships, as well as physical health. A Frightening View of the Dark Side of Social Media Addiction aims to raise awareness about the dangers of social media and discuss possible to solve facebook hacked Facebook Account Hacked

According to one study, in 2022, half of the world’s population will be using social media. The study found that the use of social media will reach four billion users, with an average of two hours and 27 minutes spent on the platforms.HD movies download from Ssr Movies. The study found that the growth of social media has resulted in dramatic spikes in usage among certain age groups. These growing numbers are not only bad for children and teens, but they also increase the risk of suicide.more info here louis vuitton

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