What Is The Syllabus For The Super TET 2022 Exam?

The Super TET is the Uttar Pradesh government’s state-level exam. It is organized to hire elementary to senior level teachers for government schools in the state. Super TET is an excellent opportunity for people desiring to become teachers. But before starting preparation, aspirants should know the super tet syllabus comprehensively. One has to precisely study the entire syllabus as per the exam format to qualify for this exam.

Moreover, the Super TET exam is based on primary and secondary levels, so candidates must pass the CTET or UPTET to appear in the Super TET. Students preparing for Super TET can take the help of BYJU’S Exam Prep for brilliant preparations.

Super TET 2022 Subjects and Individual Syllabus:

The Super TET has a total of ten subjects, and aspirants must cover every topic from the syllabus of each subject.

  1. Languages Syllabus:

It includes English, Hindi, and Urdu with their grammar and comprehension portions.

  1. Mathematics Syllabus:

It includes Logarithm, General geometry & statistics, Ratio & proportion, surface area and volume, numerical ability, area average, decimal, fractions, factorisation, mathematical actions, economic rules, profit-loss, differentiation, and percentage, general algebra, simple and compound interest.

  1. Science Syllabus:

It covers Daily life including science, the World of creatures, States of matter, the Speed Force, Environment & natural resources, Food & nutrition, Health, the Human Body, Energy, Distance Light, Sound, and Stages of matter & substance.

  1. Environment & social studies Syllabus:

It includes the Solar system, the Structure of Earth, Latitude & decimal, Natural wealth, Continents, Oceans, Rivers, Mountains, Fauna, Indian geography, Indian Constitution, Amendments, Indian freedom struggle, Indian governance system, Indian economy & challenges, Indian social reformer, and Traffic & road safety.

  1. Information Technology Syllabus:

It includes the Use of the Internet, computers & smartphones, Technical computers, computer applications in teaching, Art teaching & school management, and digital teaching resources.

  1. General Knowledge Syllabus:

It includes current affairs, International & national award sports, national as well as international events, focal current occupations or professions, important state-associated events, Location personality compositions, and Art & culture.

  1. Logical knowledge Syllabus:

It includes Symbols & notations, Analogies, Puzzles, Data Interpretations, Aeration and Region, Direction, Sense Test & Letter Series, Binary Logic, Classifications, Van Diagram and Dice, Block and Calendars, Symbols and Notations, Coded Inequalities, Cube Number Series, Coding-Decoding, and Critical reasoning.

  1. Teaching approach or method Syllabus:

It includes skills and teaching style, learning principles, evaluation and measurement of education, Inclusive exams, latest wits & schemes for elementary-level education, Educational focal point & administration, Inclusive exams, latest education policies, Initial formation skills, and Education Commissions. 

  1. Child Psychology Syllabus:

It includes Personal variation, Elements affecting child growth, Forming atmospheres for reading and learning, Identification of child’s learning requirements, the real-world effectiveness of learning skills, Theories of learning for classroom teaching, and exceptional preparations for the lamp belt.

  1. Management & aptitude or and life skills syllabus:

It includes the role of education, professional conduct & policies, motivation, effective use of penal & punishments, and constitutional & original origins.

Marks Distribution Of Each Subject:

The Super TET exam is of 150 marks corresponding to 150 objective questions. Each subject from the syllabus has a distinct mark distribution for the exam. The following table describes the marks distribution of every subject in the Super TET.

S.No. Subject Name Marks Distribution in Super TET
1. Languages 40
2. Mathematics 20
3. Science 10
4. Environment & social studies 10
5. Information Technology 05
6. General Knowledge 30
7. Logical knowledge 05
8. Teaching approach or method 10
9. Child Psychology 10
10. Management & aptitude and life skills 10

Super TET Cut-Off Marks:

The Super TET cut-off is the least marks aspirants must score to pass the Super TET 2022 exam. This scheme is based on category. The general category students must score at least 45% (67 marks out of 150) to qualify for this exam, and OBC, SC & ST category students must score at least 40% (60 marks out of 150) to qualify for the Super TET.

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