Techniques for predicting 2-way lottery numbers are accurate, guaranteed to win

Any lottery player who plays the lottery will learn standard 2-way lottery prediction, because only when grasping the methods of finding lucky numbers will the winning rate increase. For more information about prediction skills, read our article below.

Learn about 2nd cross lotteries in the most detail

Before learning more about standard 2-cross lottery prediction methods, players need to have basic information about 2-cross lottery, to avoid confusion with other forms of betting with the same way of playing.

Concept of cross lotteries 2

Parlay 2 is simply understood as the player being forced to bet on two pairs of numbers at the same time in one bet. Currently, this type of betting is a popular way of playing, loved by many players in all three regions: North, Central and South. Because this type of game offers high chances of winning and extremely attractive bonuses.

To play cross lottery, you need to learn standard 2 cross lottery prediction to bet on 2 pairs of numbers in the set from 00 to 99. If both numbers that the lottery player chooses to bet on appear in the results table. lottery that day is considered a winning prize. However, if one of the two numbers is not displayed, it means you have missed out on the bonus. Depending on each region and each online bookmaker, the payout rate will be different. However, in general, the second lotteries still have a higher reward than the regular lotteries.

Payout rate of cross lotteries 2

JobLottery prediction 2 Accuracy will bring players high rewards. Depending on the player’s choice of bookmaker and regional lottery results, the payout rate will be different. Specifically:

  • For 2nd cross lotteries in the North:

According to calculations by many players, the odds of winning lottery number 2 in the North are 21.5% x 21.5% = 0.0462. In other words, there is about a 4.6% chance of winning, much higher than playing the lottery. At traditional lottery stations, if you bet 1, you will win 10 when you win. This also means that if you bet 1 point on cross 2, you will win 10 times the original bet. . Besides, a northern cross lotteries point costs 10K. According to this ratio, if the player bets 1 point on cross 2 and wins, he will win 100,000 VND.

Northern lottery stations have lower winning rates than online bookmakers. Currently, many bookmakers are letting the odds of winning the 2nd lotteries be 1:17, meaning the reward is 17 times the initial capital amount. Moreover, bookmakers also provide detailed lottery results tables to help players easily predict standard 2-way lottery numbers. Therefore, many people flock to online betting because of the above advantages.

  • Bonus rate in the Central and Southern regions

Compared to lottery stations in the North, Central and Southern stations have fewer prizes with only 18 prizes. Therefore, the prize rate structure is also a bit different, specifically, the rate of winning lotto 2 in the South and Central regions is only about 3.24%. But in return, if they win, the player will receive a higher reward than the Northern lottery results.

Currently, if you predict the lottery number 2 correctly and win, you will receive a bonus ratio of 1 to 30. This means that the player will receive a bonus amount 30 times the initial capital. The lot points of the two Central and Southern stations also set the price at 29,000 VND. Depending on each area, the lot point price will vary.

When playing lottery at a dealer, the player may be limited to about 100 lottery points, but if betting at the house, the lottery player can play a few hundred, even thousands of lottery points. Because bookmakers often have large financial potential, they are willing to pay hundreds of millions or billions of dong if the player guesses the 2-way lottery correctly.

If you want to play cross lottery with 10 lottery points from the Central or Southern stations, the capital required is 290,000 VND. If lucky enough to win, the player will receive a bonus amount of 290,000 x 30 = 7,800,000 VND.

The most accurate ways to predict 2nd cross lottery numbers in 2023

Lottery 2 is a form of lottery that is loved by many people because of its very high winning rate. However, to win when playing, you must know the correct tips for predicting lottery numbers 2. Currently, there are many ways to catch 2-way lottery, but not all methods are effective for everyone. Below are the prediction methods that New88 has compiled, which are applied by many players and are highly effective.

Predict the 2nd cross lottery according to the silver-memory method

The silver memory method is always considered the standard 2-way lottery prediction method, verified by many lottery players for its effectiveness. In particular, this 2nd cross lottery prediction method can also be applied to all 3 regions: North, Central and South. This is a form of prediction that is researched and calculated by experienced players, so its accuracy is highly appreciated.

Currently, there are memory methods to predict lottery numbers as follows:

Silver remembers according to the topic

Lottery cards are used by many players to predict standard 2-way lottery, we have specific lottery pairs as follows:

  • If today’s lottery number is 29, bet on 98 – 12 the next day.
  • If the last 2 numbers of the special prize result in 05, you must choose the cross between 87 and 95 to win the prize.
  • If today it’s 75, the next day it’ll be 30 – 31.
  • If the lottery number is 68, the next day you bet on lottery number 86 – 08.
  • Today’s lottery is about double, so according to Silver, players should play 1 of the following 4 pairs of skewers: 56 – 65, 06 – 60, 73 – 31, 15 – 51.
  • Lottery prediction 2 standard results 01 – 61 if the number is 03.
  • When the last 2 numbers of the Special Prize are 47, choose the pair of cross numbers 32 and 18 to win.
  • Regardless of any number, players should consider this pair of numbers: 09 – 41, 73 – 24, 02 – 35, 09 – 11.
  • If today it’s number 12, try to bet on numbers 46 – 33 tomorrow.
  • If the number 07 comes out, play multiple consecutive days with the cross numbers 97 and 71.
  • Play the cross number 54 – 62 if the standard 2 cross number prediction has returned 60.
  • Remember, if there is a double bet today, the player must play the parlay 37 and 18.
  • If today’s bet is on number 01, then the cross pair 73 – 14 will be a wise choice the next day.

Silver remembers according to the Day of the week

One of the standard ways to predict 2-way lottery that many players choose and evaluate is to remember by number. Because this method is not only simple and easy to understand but also has a very high probability of explosion. However, to achieve high accuracy, you need to spend time viewing and studying the lottery results table. Below are specific statistics about the 2nd cross lotto pair in this form:

  • According to experience in silver prediction, if lot 45 appears in the results table on Wednesday of the week, it is very likely that the next day (Thursday) the cross number 38 – 50 will explode.
  • Statistics show that lots 48 – 97, 89 – 51, 63 – 27, 03 – 65, 56 – 11 usually come out in two days, Thursday and Saturday.
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, the lottery pairs are usually 33 – 51, 09 – 22, 17 – 74 and 10 – 09.
  • Pairs of 2-way lots that often appear on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the week are: 03 – 26, 16 – 52, 87 – 35, 61 – 00, 54 – 31, 93 – 30.

Silver remembers by lot

Below are the pairs of numbers selected for standard 2-way lottery according to the lottery method:

  • If 17 appears in today’s lottery results, there is a very high possibility that the pair 04 – 40 will explode the next day.
  • When the number 30 comes in two consecutive days, you should bet on numbers 07 and 32 for the next day.
  • When lot number 25 comes out, players can predict the number 04 – 40 will come out the next day.
  • If today’s XSMB results show 2 sets of 06 – 60 and 05 – 50, the possibility that in 3 days these 4 sets will fall again is relatively high.
  • With double lot number 99 appearing today, the skewer pair 02 – 20 coming tomorrow has a very high chance of winning.
  • Today the lottery result is number 09, then tomorrow you can choose the pair 34 – 12 as the 2nd cross.
  • If lot 98 comes in two consecutive days, you should immediately bet on lot 11 and 35 for the next day.
  • When lot 04 comes out, the standard 2-way lottery prediction is 13-31 and it will explode the next day.
  • If today’s lottery results are two sets of numbers 57 – 53 and 06 – 10, then there is a possibility of winning this set again in six days.
  • Lot 25 came out today, the cross number 39 – 41 is expected to explode the next day.

Pick the 2nd lotteries in pairs

When using this lottery prediction method, players should research the lottery results table. Then count the numbers that often appear together in the same result table. Below are some sets of numbers that often appear together that experts in the world have found out using standard 2-parcel lottery prediction:

  • Lot 73 often appears with lots 01 – 73 – 18.
  • According to statistics, lot 76 often explodes with lot 22.
  • Lots 76 and 44 often appear in the same lot as lots 83 and 11.
  • If today there is lot 30, then the next day there will likely be lot 12.
  • Lot 72 often appears in the lottery results table along with lot 83.
  • The numbers that often appear together during the day are 07, 21, 53, 76, 08 and 72.
  • The following pairs of numbers often explode together: 11 – 44, 73 – 10, 33 – 66, 22 – 25 or 52.
  • 05 – 50 and 02 – 20 are a pair that often appear together, you can play both pairs to multiply the winnings even higher.
  • According to statistics, lot 95 often explodes with lot 32.
  • Lots 84 and 31 frequently appear along with lots 09 and 76.
  • Usually lot 30 often appears with lot number 54.
  • The number 50 appears very often along with the number 17 in lottery results tables.
  • Lots 85, 18, 39, 13 often appear periodically with lots 49, 77 and 23.

Calculate whether the 2nd cross comes back or not according to prize 7

With the standard 2-way lottery prediction method through prize 7, players only need to use the winning result 7.1 to combine with the first 2 numbers of that day’s special prize, creating a pair of lottery numbers for tomorrow. According to many players, this is a way of playing that relies more on luck. In addition, the 7th prize lottery results can be combined with the first prize or pairs of numbers in the special prize lottery results to create a 2nd prize lottery pair to play the next day. Or you can also create a cross pair from the numbers falling from the second prize and combine them with the lot to create a cross pair.

Example of how to predict standard 2-way lottery based on prize 7.1 and special prize results. We have 74 in prize 7.1 and 20853 in special prize. At this time, combine the first numbers of the special prize with prize 7.1 to get the pair of lots 74 – 20 and 47 – 02 to play the 2nd parlay for the next day. .

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Based on double lotteries to predict standard 2nd cross lotto numbers

If you notice that today’s lottery results table has double numbers, then play one of the following numbers along with their mixed numbers to create a pair of mixed numbers for tomorrow. Those numbers are: 56 – 06 – 15 – 01. In addition, if the player holds the lottery according to the 7-day frame, then next week one of the numbers 78 – 37 – 28 – 23 and their mixed numbers will explode.

Check the lottery results, brothers

According to many players, the standard 2-way lottery prediction based on the brother’s lottery numbers is easy to determine and not too difficult for those without experience. However, it requires acumen and the ability to calculate numbers to bet effectively.

If you want to apply the brother lottery method, players need to study the previous day’s lottery results table. When you see that the previous and next numbers of that number do not come back, take this bridge and mix it up to make a 2-way bet for 3 days.

For example: The lottery results table shows lots 85, 86, 88, 89 but there is no lot 87. In that case, you should play the cross pair 87 -7 8 the next day. To achieve maximum effectiveness, players must feed these 2 skewers for 3 consecutive days.


The above article by New88 We have shared some information on how to predict the standard 2-way lottery, hopefully this is useful information to help bettors understand what the 2-cross lottery is and the most accurate way to read the 2-cross lottery. .

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