What is a penalty bet? How to understand the odds and choose the correct bet

In the world of soccer betting, penalty betting is a dramatic and exciting aspect. This is a unique type of bet related to 11 meter penalty kicks that decide the winner or loser after an intense match. In this article, we will explore more deeply about penalty bets, from concepts, betting methods, to useful experiences so you can participate in betting effectively. Let’s find out!
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What is a Penalty bet?

Penalty bet, or 11m bet, is a type of soccer bet that depends on the result of the last 11 meter (about 12 yards) penalty kick series of a match. Normally, this match ends after regular time and extra time without either team winning.

The Penalty bet is the last chance to determine the winner, and both teams will take turns taking 11-meter penalty kicks. If the result is still tied after both teams have taken 5 shots, they will continue to shoot until there is a winner.

When does the Penalty Bet appear?

Penalty bets only appear in two specific situations:

It is necessary to determine the winner or loser by 11-meter kick: When after 90 minutes of official play and extra time (if any) there is no winner, the match will proceed to a series of 11-meter penalty kicks.

The match is still going on: Penalty bets only appear at the end of the match, after 90 minutes and extra time (if any). This created a sense of drama as everyone waited for the result of the 11 meter kick.

How to bet on Penalty Handicap

Handicap bets

Handicap betting in Penalty Betting involves you predicting which team will win after the 11 meter kick. Usually the stronger team will have lower odds, while the weaker team will have higher odds. This means that if you bet on the strong team and that team wins, you will receive less money than if you bet on the weak team and the weak team wins.

Over/under odds

Over/Under in Penalty Betting refers to the total number of 11 meter free kicks in the match. You can bet on whether the total number of kicks will fall within a specific range. Normally, the odds for Over/Under are 7 kicks out of 10, but this can vary depending on the specific match and changes in pre-match betting.

Effective Penalty Betting experience

Follow the match situation

When betting on Penalty Handicap, you need to pay attention to many factors such as the match situation, the strength of the team, the players capable of performing 11 meter kicks, and their previous statistics. Learning about how the team has performed in previous penalty kicks can help you make the right decision.

Smart bet management

In Penalty Betting, bet management is very important. You should determine a specific budget and stick to it. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose on your own. Always maintain discipline and sportsmanship when participating in Penalty Betting.

Keep track of the odds

In addition to monitoring the match situation, you should also monitor the changes in odds on the market. Usually, the odds will change based on developments in the match or new information such as player injuries. Look for betting opportunities that are highly profitable and reasonable according to the situation.
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Understand the house’s rules and policies

Each bookmaker has its own rules and policies regarding Penalty Betting. Please read carefully and understand these regulations before participating in betting. These rules may relate to bet cancellation, winning or losing calculations, or other terms related to Penalty Betting. Always follow these rules to avoid unnecessary problems.

Maintain a positive mood

The ability to manage emotions is an important factor in Penalty Betting. Make sure you maintain a positive mood, without too much pressure from betting. This helps you make the right decisions and avoid betting based on emotions instead of information and analysis.

Stand side by side with experts and the betting community

If you are new to Penalty Betting, stick with experts or the experienced betting community. They can share useful knowledge and suggestions to help you create a better betting strategy. Learning and exchanging information with others can improve your betting abilities.

In the world of soccer betting, Penalty Betting offers a unique and dramatic type of bet, deciding win or loss based on 11 meter penalty kicks. To participate in Penalty Betting effectively, you need to master the concept, how to bet, and apply smart experiences. Always make sure you bet wisely, following the house’s rules New88, and maintain a positive mood. Wishing you luck and success when participating in Penalty Betting!

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