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New88 Chicken Fighting is chosen by many people to participate in betting every day. You can watch hundreds of dramatic matches and comfortably hunt for big prizes. Update more about attractive products in the article below.
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Introducing information about the New88 Chicken Fighting category

New88 Chicken Fighting is known as one of the hottest product categories at the leading bookmaker New88. The platform owns key licenses of the Isle of Man and the Cagayan and Freeport Economic Zone. Therefore, players will always experience entertainment in a legal, international standard environment.

When coming to the catalog New88 cockfighting, Bettors will enjoy many top matches from many of Asia’s top arenas. You can also experience online betting every day with simple bets.

The house also develops experiences across multiple devices. That’s why with just a mobile device you can participate at any time.

S128 – Quality New88 Cockfighting Hall

New88 Chicken Fighting is one of the categories that is professionally invested in from design to experience. This comes from collaborating with supplier S128, which has more than 10 years of experience in the market. This betting platform is licensed by the famous PAGCOR organization in the Asian market.

By updating the betting lobby, you will have the opportunity to experience hundreds of matches of fighters from famous arenas on the continent. From cockfighting From cockfighting to iron spurs, every match is broadcast with good image quality and sharp sound. That’s why bettors can easily grasp the progress of the confrontation in the best way.

The provider also offers a fair and transparent betting experience. All steps of choosing matches, placing bets and receiving rewards take place quickly and simply. It is these experiences that help the New88 Cockfighting list become a familiar betting spot for millions of bettors.

Learn detailed rules of Cock Fighting at New88

New88 Cockfighting brings many impressive points suitable for a large number of participating bettors. If you want to experience the game, don’t miss the detailed rules of the game below:

Basic betting rules

When participating in betting at New88 cockfighting, players need to master the following specific rules:

  • New88 will broadcast live Cockfighting matches from the prestigious arena. Therefore, the stadium is prepared professionally and synchronously. The cocks will compete on a flat field divided into two halves, green and red by a white line.
  • Before entering the field, cocks will be health checked and weighed to perform grading. If there is a difference, the two cockers will negotiate the handicap.
  • Before the two sides compete, the rooster will hold the rooster and only release it into the field when the referee gives the signal.
  • Each match will last about 15 minutes, with a 5-minute break in the middle. However, if one of the two cocks dies or runs away, unable to fight, the confrontation can end sooner.

Refer to information about basic doors

You definitely understand the rules for investing at the New88 Da Ga platform, so don’t miss the information about the betting options. This will be knowledge for you to be more proactive when depositing money:

  • Meron: This is the door for bettors who believe in the home team or the red team winning.
  • Wala: Based on my experience, if you predict the win of the blue team or the away team, then invest in this bet.
  • Draw: If it is predicted that at the end of the match both teams’ cocks will be dead or unable to fight, bet on a draw.
  • FTD: If you think that within 10 minutes there is no winning cock, then place money on this bet.

Instructions for betting on Cockfighting at New88

To participate in Cockfighting betting at New88, players need to take the following specific steps:
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  • Step 1: Select the correct New88 link and select “Register” to fill in information to create an account.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account and increase capital using supported methods.
  • Step 3: Select the Cock Fighting section and go to lobby S128.
  • Step 4: Choose the appropriate match and betting window to place a bet. If the result matches the prediction, you will receive a bonus according to the corresponding ratio.
  • Step 5: At this point, you can withdraw money immediately if you complete the promotion conditions and regulations of the house.

New88 Cockfighting is one of the categories that brings a great experience to every bettor who loves cockfighting. Update all information, master the rules of the game and invest properly, the opportunity to win big prizes will be within your reach.

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