A Step By Step Walkthrough Of The Astronaut Training Process


Being an astronaut has greatly been the dream of many people. Almost every child who is fascinated by outer space wishes to be an astronaut. However, dreams are not so simple to execute, especially when it comes to being an astronaut. Astronauts need a tremendous and rigorous amount of training so that they can be accurate in their decision-making miles up in the sky. Astronauts also need confined spaces training online so that they are prepared to work in the small spaces on a shuttle. 

Selection Of Candidates

  • Candidates are first selected based on the requirement for a particular space mission. 
  • The primary objectives of the mission require some sort of specialization in the fields of biology, engineering, computer coding and development, linguistics, and medicine. 
  • Other than the mission-specific requirements, the minimum eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by prospective candidates to get selected. 
  • The eligibility criteria are such that candidates need to know the fundamentals of piloting, aeronautical sciences, and mathematics. 

Theoretical Training  

  • Every astronaut trainee is taught the advanced physics that might be required when in the upper orbit. 
  • Along with the biology, medicine, and linguistics training, they are also explained what the functioning of the shuttle will be like. 
  • This training extends to verbal and oral abilities. 
  • They are also given the knowledge as to the need for confined spaces training online. 

Aptitude Build Up 

  • The aptitude levels of a trainee is very crucial when it comes to aeronautics. 
  • Aptitude is a measure of how a person reacts to problems and the path he or she takes to get to the solution. 
  • When astronauts are sent into space, every moment becomes much larger in perspective. 
  • The decisions that are taken in moments may turn out to result in defining the mission. 
  • Sometimes, in adversities, the life of the astronauts depends upon the decision of a few. 
  • They are supposed to be trained for such stressful situations. 

Physical Training

  • Trainees need to be trained physically so that their bodies are capable of withstanding the adversities in space. 
  • There is no gravity in space which is why the body’s muscles turn weaker over time. 
  • On the contrary, the body is put through seven to eight times the gravitational force of the earth when the shuttle tries to escape the earth’s gravitational field. 
  • Such tremendous diversities must be inculcated into the trainees’ human bodies. 
  • Adaptability is essential for a successful flight into space.
  • Astronauts may be asked to train in astronaut suits underwater so that low-gravity situations can be emulated. 
  • They are also put inside a centrifugal rotator so that high levels of gravity can be accustomed to by the body of the trainee. 


The training for astronauts might differ slightly depending on the mission of the organization and also on the organization itself. Apart from the physical training and aptitude training, confined spaces training online is performed to ensure that the astronauts can perform inside small and complex shuttles. Visit here for information about Dramacool

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